We were founded in 1952 in the city of São Paulo as Companhia Industrial Brasileira de Calçados Vulcanizados S.A. to manufacture leather footwear with vulcanized rubber soles.

We entered the international sports brand segment in 1974, when we were granted licensing rights to exclusively manufacture and market in Brazil high performance athletic shoes for a variety of international brands. In April 1992, we changed our name to Vulcabras S.A. and on November 11, 2010, to Vulcabras│azaleia S.A.

From 2007 to 2009, our compound annual growth rate was of 30.9%, in terms of numbers of pairs of shoes sold. For athletic footwear our compound annual growth rate was of and 32.4%, also for numbers of pairs of shoes sold. Our Olympikus brand alone grew 51.2% in terms of number of pairs of shoes sold, for the same period.


Foundation of Companhia Brasileira de Calçados Vulcanizados S.A. in the City of São Paulo, producing leather shoes with vulcanized rubber soles.


Transfer of the facilities to the City of Jundiaí (SP), where new items were added to our production lines, such as rubber boots, leather shoes and synthetic PVC shoes.


We joined the international sports brand segment and became licensees to produce and sell, on an exclusive basis, a number of brands of international recognition in Brazil, with the production of high-performance sneakers.


With the listing on the Bovespa, Vulcabras begins a new cycle of growth.


During the 80’s, Vulcabras grew through the acquisition of several footwear companies located mainly in the City of Franca (interior of the State of São Paulo), an important footwear pole of producers of leather shoes.

In 1988, the brothers Pedro and Alexandre Grendene Bartele assumed the control of Vulcabras.


Transfer of the production structure to the Northeast region of Brazil, following the tax incentive program to the footwear and clothing industry implemented by the states of that region together with the federal government.

The incentives rekindled the footwear industry in Brazil, which was affected by foreign competition, and promoted in the Northeast region a new economic and social dynamism.


With the acquisition of ‘VDA - Calzados y Artículos Deportivos S.A.’ in Argentina, we started the process of internationalization of our business, aimed at distributing our products in the Argentine market.


The beginning of the production of clothing consolidates Vulcabras’ vocation in the sports segment, complementing the footwear line and diversifying the Company’s production.


Through the Reebok brand, Vulcabras formalizes the sponsorship of São Paulo Futebol Clube, becoming a manufacturer of sports technology and one of the major Brazilian companies to invest in sports.


Acquisition of Azaléia S/A, holder of Olympikus and Azaléia brands, originating, at the age of 55, Vulcabras|azaleia, the largest sports shoes company of Latin America.

The process was characterized by the transparency and respect to the rights of minority shareholders – a Public Offer of Shares was conducted in order to acquire all the outstanding shares through the issuance of an independent appraisal report, in strict respect to the best corporate governance practices.

The acquisition of Indular Manufacturas S.A. allowed Vulcabras|azaleia to produce directly in Argentina, becoming one of the largest manufacturers of sports shoes in that country, which evidences the ability to reproduce the Company’s operating model and business culture in different markets.

In approximately two years, we were able to position the Reebok brand among the leading brands of the segment in Argentina.


Exclusive licensee of Reebok since 1996, Vulcabras and adidas International form a Joint Venture, with the purpose of developing, producing and distributing Reebok products in Brazil and in Argentina.


Vulcabras|azaleia consolidates its leadership in the market, with a portfolio of 7 brands and more than 500 annual launchings, sponsoring the major clubs of the first soccer division of Brazil – São Paulo FC, Internacional FC, Cruzeiro EC (Reebok) and C.R. Flamengo (Olympikus), as well as the Argentine clubs Lanus, Racing and Juniores (Olympikus).

The Company also reinforces its commitment with the Brazilian Olympic Committee and the men’s and women’s Brazilian Volleyball teams (Olympikus).

The Company closes the year with a consolidated billing of R$ 1.9 Billion.


Vulcabras S.A. changes its name to Vulcabras|azaleia S.A. and consolidates its leadership in the Brazilian athletics footwear market to explore the growth opportunities for the sector on the upcoming years.