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With over 60 years in the Brazilian footwear market and under the name Companhia Industrial Brasileira de Calçados Vulcanizados S.A., we are today a company that manages leading brands. But more than that, our goal is to always provide our clients with the best.

We look closely at our customer and research people’s lives and buying habits. This is the only way we will better understand our target.

With a lot of investment, we evolved all company product lines by searching, in the DNA of each of our brands, the strengths of each of the company’s division.

We currently have two units: a sporting unit, that includes the brands Olympikus, and Vulcabras Botas, and a female unit, with the brands Azaleia, Dijean and Opanka.

All together, we have over 13 thousand employees spread over 8 units, seven of which are in Brazil and one in Argentina. We also count with six distribution centers, two of which are located in Brazil, and the others in Colombia, Peru, United States and Uruguay. Furthermore, we hold the largest Technology and Product Development Center in Latin America with over 1,000 models developed each year. We have specialized ourselves even more and not a day goes by in the company without thoughts of innovation.

We are restless, for we do not wish to merely sell shoes or sporting goods, we want to fulfill our customer’s desires. May that be of performing the best shopping choice, with the best cost X benefit in the market, or by an icon fashion product or an exclusive technology.

The company sells its products through sales representatives, distributors, and directly to customers in over 30 countries, reaching over 15,000 points of sale in the Brazilian market and 3,000 abroad.

We work every day because we know that every pair sold is the accomplishment of a customer’s dream, whether in Brazil or anywhere in the world.